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Re: Mathematica to Tex

In article <ft7gdl$bp5$1 at>,
 Jean-Marc Gulliet <jeanmarc.gulliet at> wrote:

> In[1]:= TeXForm[P[A] == 1 - E^(-\[Lambda] t)]
> Out[1]//TeXForm=
> P(A)=1-e^{-t \lambda }
> In[2]:= TeXForm[P[A] + P[B]]
> Out[2]//TeXForm=
> P(A)+P(B)

thanks, jean-mark. i had not encountered TeXForm. for my purposes it 
will be cleaner & easier than exporting a section at a time (which is 
what i've been doing.)


NB eddress is r i p 1 AT c o m c a s t DOT n e t

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