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Grade calculation tool for students....

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  • Subject: [mg87473] Grade calculation tool for students....
  • From: Todd Allen <genesplicer28 at>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 01:45:36 -0400 (EDT)

Hi folks,

   I've been trying to develop a grade calculation
tool for my students that will run within the free
Mathematica Player now offered.  The program is
supposed to query the students for the number of
grades they currently have, and then place a
dynamically updating table for them to enter their
current grades in the Controller area within

   While it seems that the table is being created (as
judged by some debugging statements), for some reason
Mathematica is placing a slider, rather than the
actual table in the control area.  I feel like I am
close to figuring the problem out.....but I also felt
that way 10 hours ago.  :-)

   If you have time to try the code below, and could
suggest a course of action, I would certainly
appreciate your help.

Best regards, Todd


Manipulate[gradata = Range[12]; weidata = Range[12];
 Dynamic[Item["Your current grade is:", gradeentry,
 Item[Style["Grade Calculation Tool", 20, Bold,
  Alignment -> Center],
 Item[Style["Powered by Mathematica
(", 12, Bold, 
   Black], Alignment -> Center],
 {{totcoursegrades, 1, 
   Style["How many individual grades will be used to
calculate your \
entire course grade?", 14, Bold, Red]}, Range[12], 
  ControlType -> PopupMenu} ,
 {{gradesnow, 1, 
   Style["How many of these individual grades do you
know at this \
time?", 14, Bold, Red]}, Range[totcoursegrades], 
  ControlType -> PopupMenu},
 {gradeentry, {Table[
     With[{i = i}, {Style[Grade[i], 14, Bold, Blue], 
       PopupMenu[Dynamic[gradata[[i]]], Range[0, 105,
       Style[Weight[i], 14, Bold, Blue], 
       PopupMenu[Dynamic[weidata[[i]]], Range[0, 100,
0.5]]}], {i, 1, 
      gradesnow}] // TableForm}}]

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