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Tilted decimals on the x-axis to avoid overlapping

Dear Mathgroup,

How can I see all the decimals on the x-axis **and** avoid overlapping ?

Trivial example: Plot[x, {x, 123.45678, 123.45679}]

I would like to rotate clockwise  by an angle alpha (e.g.,Pi/6, or 
the values on the x-axis and translate them in order to see the starting 
i.e., the "1"  of  123.45678 should be near to the relevant tick.

Note: I cannot use the usual Options to reduce the **size** of the 
figures or
increase the size of the image.

Any hint ?
Many thanks.

PS  The nice suggestion by Ruskeepaa (pag.  271) seems not applicable in
this case.

Gianfranco Zosi
Dip. Fisica Generale
Universita di Torino

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