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Re: Directory of Mathematica Add-Ons

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  • Subject: [mg87574] Re: Directory of Mathematica Add-Ons
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 03:33:19 -0400 (EDT)
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You are absolutely right.  Of course one can distribute a package
oneself as I do (in addition to doing it through WRI).  The advantage
of that is that one then does not have to share the revenue for those
sales.  And it is easy to set up payment methods using PayPal and
Google Checkout (see ).
And there are other services that also are usable for sales of
software and shareware such as kagi (

The key problem really is marketing.  One advantage of the Wolfram
Partnerships group is that WRI then is an additional route to
marketing presence.

But in my  offering of the most
difficult thing that I find is getting people to try it.  And this has
lead me to learn more of why, in the real world, active advertising is
unfortunately essential.

So the real question in my mind is how to get Mathematica users to try
applications that are offered.  There are very few routes to marketing
Mathematica applications--very few places where Mathematica users
congregate.  And in those places (and remember that an application
developer usually does not have a marketing budget--I don't--
significant revenue is needed to support such a budget) one has to
find a way to convince the users to give the application a try.

My experience is that very few do try.  My experience with my
application is that of those who do try, a significant percentage do
buy the product.

Of course those of us who develop products are often not marketers by
personality type.  I suppose that I could, for example, email the
members of this group individually and ask them to try my application,
but I generally think that that is wrong to do unless there is a good
and open reason to do so.

So that's the key issue in my mind: getting to the potential customer
and getting them to take the time to try something out.  In my case
there is no financial barrier: mine is a very low cost product.

In summary, offering the products on-line is easy, and one could
indeed create an aggregation site.  But if people don't try the
products they won't purchase them.  And the question is how to get the
message broadcast that it's ok to try out these products?

(There is the technical issue of how to create password protected
products and with those, trial versions.  I've solved this for myself,
but there is no intrinsic method in Mathematica itself at this time.)

So (shameless plug--one has to be a bit shameless in selling things):
give a try...   what's holding
*you* back...   : - )



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On Apr 12, 7:08 am, AES <sieg... at> wrote:
> In article <ftmtvk$4p... at>, David Reiss <dbre... at>
> wrote:
> > Contact the Wolfram Partnerships group...
> >
> Interesting and useful.
> But, as with any major product or system or vendor, could be useful to
> also have a totally _independent_, non-Wolfram-controlled users' group
> or organization -- such as the web now makes so readily possible.

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