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Re: Re: Wolfram User Interface Research?

>  What I did ask for --- would still ask for --- was, first of all the
>  proper technical name for this class of non-alphabetical symbols or
>  commands or operators in Mathematica? -- what they're called as a group,

>  Second and more important, I asked where, if anywhere, I could find (in
>  a single place) a short list (like perhaps a half-dozen page or less)
>  summarizing _all_ of these non-alphabetical operators, with a brief

The Mathematica book has a list of such symbols in its table of
contents. I don't believe any new symbolic operators were introduced
in 6.  In Math5's documentation, this list was present in the help
browser. I understand that this list will appear again in future
versions of the help browser.  In any case, I think the book and its
TOC is probably the most useful.

Kind Regards,

W. Craig Carter

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