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Re: Using \[Breve] as a substitute for underscore

Steven Siew wrote:
> In mathematica you cannot use underscore _  as part of a variable name
> as you could in other computer languages.
> Has anyone tried using \[Breve] as an underscore substitute instead.
> for example:
> mass\[Breve]of\[Breve]earth = 5.97*^24
> or
> mass[esc]bv[esc]of[esc]bv[esc]earth = 5.97*^24
> I kinda like "breve" because it looks like the standard underscore
> character.
> What other characters do other people uses?
> Steven Siew
I also use \[Breve] extensively for this purpose in my Super Widget 
Package, and in other code I have written for my clients. I think it is 
a shame that underscore got used for patterns, and since I also write 
some Java and C code, I regularly forget and create 'variables' 
containing underscores.

Unfortunately, the breve character does not paste well into 
non-mathematica UNICODE environments because it would seem that it is a 
diacritic character.

David Bailey

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