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Re: Using \[Breve] as a substitute for underscore

Thanks Carlos for bringing LetterSpace to our attention. It shows that WRI
can add some extra characters if they wish.

I am still eagerly awaiting the day when WRI will similarly supply us with
'PrimeCharacter' and 'DoublePrimeCharacter' that display at the correct
height and don't sit on the floor. Then users will easily be able to use
some of the most common notation in math books.

David Park
djmpark at

"Cca" <cca at> wrote in message
news:g73u00$ng4$1 at
> Steven,
> One of the new small things in Mathematica 6 (so it seems) is the
> non-printing character \[LetterSpace]. The alias is Esc_Esc (Esc
> underscore Esc).
> Try this (on diferent Input cells):
> x\[LetterSpace]y
> x\[LetterSpace]y//Head
> x\[LetterSpace]y=1
> x\[LetterSpace]y+1
> Clear[x\[LetterSpace]y]
> Hope this might help you in some way.
> Carlos C=E9sar de Ara=FAjo
> Gregos & Troianos Educacional
> MSN: cca_gregosetroianos at
> Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
> (31) 3283-1122

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