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  • Subject: [mg91637] Debugger
  • From: dh <dh at>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 01:51:54 -0400 (EDT)


I was trying to use the new Debugger and I do not find it very obvious 

to use. Astonishingly  I could not find any descent manual or 

description. Here are some quirks I encoutered:

To begin with, on the Debugger palette there are two commands:

Step In

Step In to Body

However, under Menu/Evaluation/DebuggerControl one only finds one 

step-in command. What does the second one do?

I started small:



I set a breakPoint at f[2] and evaluated the whole thing. The brakpoint 

is ignored. Then I added a semicolon: f[2]; selected this and defined it 

as a breakpoint. This is also ignored. By trial and error I found that 

one has to select the statement without the seimicolon before defining 

the breakpoint. Can somebody make senes out of this?

I then made the function a little mode complex:



If I select t=x; and define a breakpoint, the selection is automatically 

enlarged to the whole block inside the brackets. By selecting only t=x, 

this does not happen. Otherwise things work as expected.

Next I defined a watch point "t" and wrote Dynamic[t]. In a separate 

cell I the evaluated:



This worked as expected, also:




However, if I made t a local variable:




the watchpoint did nor work anymore, the program did not halt.

Now I fed up and I think I am wasting my time. It may be that I really 

miss something, but just now it looks to me like the Debugger is an 

early beta version and should not be part of a not exactly cheap 

commercial program!



Daniel Huber

Metrohm Ltd.

Oberdorfstr. 68

CH-9100 Herisau

Tel. +41 71 353 8585, Fax +41 71 353 8907

E-Mail:<mailto:dh at>


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