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Re: Possible bug in ListAnimate[] or Manipulate[] v6.0

I can still reproduce it from a fresh session.  I am using the 32bit
Windows XP version 6.0.  Since others with newer versions are saying
that it is fixed I'll assume it will go away when I upgrade.  Until
then I will just Clear[i] before I animate.  Thanks for the replies!

The complete in/out was as follows:

In[1]:= i = 3;
ListAnimate[Table[Plot[Sin[n x], {x, 0, 10}], {n, 5}]]

Manipulate::vsform: Manipulate argument \
Faster\[Ellipsis]uttons,DirectionButton}} does not have the correct \
form for a variable specification.

Out[2]:= Manipulate[ ***,

In[3]:= $Version
Out[3]="6.0 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (April 20, 2007)"

Matthew Pickett

On Feb 4, 12:20=A0am, nigol <dario.butt... at> wrote:
> Could not reproduce the error on my system.
> Both expressions worked fine.
> In[4]:= $Version
> Out[4]= "6.0 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (June 19, 2007)"
> Dario

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