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Re: Sterographic display

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  • Subject: [mg85724] Re: Sterographic display
  • From: "Jakub Serych" <serych at>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 06:56:15 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: Czech Technical University
  • References: <fpdvnd$s1r$>

It is not perfect, but I think that something like the code below could be 
the solution.


Plot3D[Sin[x] Cos[y]^2, {x, 0, 2 Pi}, {y, 0, 2 Pi},
PlotStyle -> Directive[Opacity[0.3], Red],
ViewPoint -> {
dist Sin[zen] Cos[azi + dazi],
dist Sin[zen] Sin[azi + dazi],
dist Cos[zen]
Background -> Black, MeshStyle -> Red, AxesStyle -> Red, Boxed -> False],
Plot3D[Sin[x] Cos[y]^2, {x, 0, 2 Pi}, {y, 0, 2 Pi},
PlotStyle -> Directive[Opacity[0.1], Cyan],
ViewPoint -> {
dist Sin[zen] Cos[azi],
dist Sin[zen] Sin[azi],
dist Cos[zen]},
Background -> None, MeshStyle -> Cyan, AxesStyle -> Cyan, Boxed -> False
}, spac],
{{azi, 1, "Azimuth"}, -Pi, Pi}, {{zen, 1, "Zenith" }, -Pi, Pi},
{{dist, 3.5, "Perspective"}, 0, 5},
{{dazi, 0.1, "Eye angle difference"}, -Pi/4, Pi/4},
{{spac, -350, "Image spacing"}, 0, -500}, SaveDefinitions -> True]

"Steve Gray" <stevebg at> pí¹e v diskusním pøíspìvku 
news:fpdvnd$s1r$1 at
> With the right size, spacing, and viewpoints, Graphics3D could
> make very useful and dramatic stereo displays. The journal Science
> often has printed stereo pair images of molecules, but I don't know
> how they're made. Viewing them involves no mirrors, filters, or other
> equipment but you have to learn how to adjust your eyes. It's not hard
> for most people.
> Naturally the two views of one object would be side-by-side,
> which is no problem, but ideally they could be rotated in unison.
> Stereo animations would also be possible, but I don't really need
> that.
> I have a research application where this would be extremely
> helpful. Has anyone done this, and can the two viewpoints be adjusted
> together? I will appreciate any information.
> Steve Gray

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