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Re: .NET/Link: Explicitly define data type to be sent to .NET object?

heiko wrote:
> Hello,
>     To get some data from Mathematica to a .NET object, I need to
> avoid confusion between different integer or real data types in
> Mathematica and C++. Is it somehow possible to explicitly define the
> type of a variable being sent from Mathematica to C++?
>     Some more detailed description of the problem: The .NET object
> contains several overloaded methods for different data types, e.g.
> void insert(SByte value), void insert(Int16 value), void insert(Int32
> value), void insert(Int64 value), etc. When I now send integer data
> from Mathematica to the object using object at insert[...] the data is
> apparently always sent to the insert(Int64 value) method; even if the
> integer in Mathematica only contains a value from 0 to 255. This is,
> however, not the method I need to call, but e.g. void insert(SByte
> value). As I haven't written the .NET library myself, I cannot just
> change the names of the methods inside.
>     How can I tell .NET/Link in Mathematica that I want the integer/
> real data in Mathematica to be transferred to a specific integer or
> real data type in C++?
>     Thanks a lot in advance for any help!
> Best regards,
> Heiko
Why not sidestep the problem by writing some wrapper functions in C#. 
The function could take an int as input, and shorten it and call 
whatever function (sorry, method!) you require.

David Bailey

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