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squared norm in Mathematica

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  • Subject: [mg85764] squared norm in Mathematica
  • From: syed qasim Ali <edu_forme at>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 18:02:29 -0500 (EST)

  Dear Sir,
  My problem was  actually
  i was trying it as multiobjective optimiztaion in Mathematica but i got to know that it can be programmed as single objective ....
  ||SX||^2=(a11*x1 + a12*x2 + a13*x3)^2 + (a21*x1 + a22*x2 + 
a23*x3)^2 + (a31*x1 + a32*x2 + a33*x3)^2.
  therefore my problem becomes 
   x1 >= 0.52, <= 1.47; 
 x2 >= 0.52, <= 1.47; 
 x3 >= 0.52, <= 1.47; 
 x4 >= 0.52, <= 1.47; 
  minimize : ( ((-0.22*x1)+(0.13*x2)+(-0.09*x3)+(0.07*x4))^2 + 
((-0.13*x1)+(0.09*x2)+(-0.07*x3)+(0.058*x4))^2 +((-0.09*x1)+(0.07*x2)+ 
subject to: 
  IN Mathematica it becomes 
  FindMinimum[{(-0.22 g1+0.13 g2-0.09 g3+0.07 g4)2+(-0.13 x1+0.09 x2-0.07 x3+0.058 x4)2+(-0.09 x1+0.07 x2-0.058 x3+0.049 x4)2,-4+x12+x22+x32+x42=0&&0.52£x1£1.47,0.52£x2£1.47,0.52£x3£1.47,0.52£x4£1.47},{x1,x2,x3,x4}]
  i have this  result when i tried this problem in Mathematica ....i guess Mathematica can handle this problem 
  Set::write : Tag Plus in 
  -4+x12+x22+x32+x42 is Protected
  FindMinimum::eqineq : Constraints in {0,0.52£x1,0.52£x2,0.52£x3,0.52£x4,x1£1.47,x2£1.47,x3£1.47,x4£1.47} are not all equality or inequality constraints. With the exception of integer domain constraints for linear programming, domain constraints or constraints with Unequal (!=) are not supported.
  i donot understand where the fault lies ...when i have only one objective function

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