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Re: how to import a block of numbers which may touch each other by "-"

On 2/21/08 at 6:06 PM, p.wholey at (P.Wholey) wrote:

>hello, I have an data file which format is as below:

>title: a.file

>date: 12 10 2007

>total lines: 100000

>numbers per line: 5

>main data as below:

>190 -0.129 0.05772  -0.030 -0.00996
>190  0.071 0.01619   0.039  0.04558
>190  0.121-0.03730  -0.009 -0.00406
>190  0.000-0.00288   0.036  0.01329
>190  0.042-0.00979  -0.112 -0.04337
>190 -0.123 0.07222   0.068  0.04067
>... ... ...

>I want to quickly import the main data block as a list of numbers.
>My problem is the 2nd and 3rd column of data may touch each by the
>minus mark "-" and there are 100000 lines in this block. How can I
>do it with Version5.0.

I would read the data in using either

ReadList["a.file",String] or

This would give you a list of strings. Then mapping StringTake
to this list you could extract just those characters that formed
a given number and use ToExpression to convert that string to a
number. For example, if the first number was always the first
three characters, then


would put the first column of numbers into data.
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