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Dynamic Rotation: Coupling of Two or More Graphics3D objects?

Can anyone suggest a path that I might explore to couple the 
on-screen of one graphical 3d object to another?

I've tried what I consider to be obvious: using Manipulate 
to dynamically control viewpoints of several objects, but 
this is too slow to be useful for my purposes.

I'd prefer to rotate on object on-screen and have another 
(in, say, the same graphics grid) transform in response.

For example:
GraphicsRow[Graphics3D /@ {Cuboid[], Sphere[]}]

For a concrete example. I'd like to rotate the cube about 
its origin, but have the sphere rotate about an arbitrary 
fixed point.

If I can't do the coupling, the below (kind of) works, but 
is cludgy:

     ViewPoint -> 10 {Cos[t] Sin[p], Sin[t] Sin[p], Cos[p]}],
     ViewPoint -> {a, b, c} +
       10 {Cos[t] Sin[p], Sin[t] Sin[p], Cos[p]}]}],
  {{a, 5}, 1, 10}, {{b, 5}, 1, 10}, {{c, 5}, 1, 10},
  {{t, Pi}, 0, 2 Pi}, {{p, Pi/2}, -Pi, Pi}]

A potential problem is that I can rotate one and then lose 
the correspondence (which I could fix with a result button, 

W. Craig Carter

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