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FindRoot solving of Excel input columns

Hi, I'm in a situation where I need to solve 100's of points
numerically, and all my data's in excel.  I've successfully created a
FindRoot to solve eqn's for one set of data points.  However, I really
need to automate this... I've read through help to no avail.  Here's
what I'm working on:

A's are columns of excel data with a several hundred rows of data.
k's are constants
t's are variables to solve and plot.

Eqn1 = t1 - k1*Log[ 1 + (A1/A3)*(1 - exp(-t3)*(exp(-t2) ]
Eqn2 = t2 - k2*Log[ 1 + (A2/A3)*(1 - exp(-t3/) ]
Eqn3 = t3 -k3*t2
FindRoot[{Eqn1==0,Eqn2==0,Eqn3==0}, { {t1,1},{t2,1},(t3,1} } ]

What I'd like to do is...
1. import 4 column (A1,A2,A3,A4) excel sheet, where A4 is carried
through and not processed.
2. export 4 column results for (t1,t2,t3,A4) to xls, and plot t1 vs
A4, t2 vs A4, t3 vs A4 in mathematica.

I've read through help to no avail... and have tried some kind of For
loop on this FindRoot, and haven't been successful.

Much appreciate anybody's help.


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