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  • Subject: [mg85972] Magnification?
  • From: AES <siegman at>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 06:20:53 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: Stanford University

1)  Changing the magnification value in the small drop-down menu at the 
bottom left of a notebook window obviously magnifies the on-screen 
display (but presumably NOT the printed page contents resulting from a 
Print command?)

For example, select all the cells in a NB; set this magnification number 
to, say, 150%; the whole notebook expands as above.

2)  Now, type the word Magnification into a new Input cell, then select 
*anything* else in the NB -- another cell, a word in another cell, all 
the cells in the NB; then again change the magnification value in the 
little bottom drop-down menu:

**Only the word Magnification in that one input cell changes (even 
though it's no longer selected).  Nothing else -- including any other 
selection you make -- changes size.**

In fact, you can run the word Magnification way up, or way down, in size 
this way.  The value in the little menu and the size of the word 
Magnification in the one NB cell change to various values; the rest of 
notebook doesn't change at all.

At least that's what I'm seeing, right now . . . 

3)  OK, now shrink the Magnification word to 50% as above, leaving the 
rest of the NB at, say, 150% (though the little menu says 50%).

Then select all cells; go to the Format >> Magnification menu; and 
select various values, say 100%, then 200%, etc.

**The entire notebook changes to those new sizes -- including the word 
Magnification, which jumps into sync with rest of notebook and follows 
along through all size changes.**

4)  Having done the preceding, leave the display at some new size; 
select all cells; then return to the little drop-down menu at the bottom 
of the NB window and try to further change NB magnification from there, 
as you had done earlier.   Result:  

**The little magnification menu has now apparently ceased to function AT 
ALL: Neither the entire NB nor the word Magnification any longer change 
size (though the number in the menu field changes value appropriately).**


At this point, I give up . . .

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