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Re: Corrupt graphics output

Paul M wrote:

> I was playing around with Mathematica the other day and was attempting
> to graph the modulus of the complex-valued gamma function.  When I use
> a PlotPoints value of 120 the graph looks fine.  However, the 
> following command yields a corrupt graph (PlotPoints value of 150).
> Plot3D[Abs[Gamma[x + I y]], {x, -5, 5}, {y, -5, 5}, 
>  PlotPoints -> {150, 150}, PlotRange -> {0, 10}, 
>  BoxRatios -> {1, 1, 0.8}, AxesLabel -> {x, I y, Abs[Gamma[z]]}]

More input may be needed. What do you mean by "corrupt graph?" What is 
your platform? What graphic card do you use? ...

I have tried the above expression on my system (64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo 
Mac OS X Leopard 1.5.4 Mathematica 6.0.3), varying PlotPoints from 60 to 
200 and failed to notice any "corruption."

-- Jean-Marc

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