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Kernel crash: Array with NaN elements via NETLink


    While programming a package using NETLink, I experience a strange
kernel crash (reproducible):

    From the .NET object I receive an array of real or double
(System.Real[], System.Double[]) that contains (or is completely full
of) elements NaN. As for a simple real/double and as described in the
documentation, these NaNs should be converted to Indeterminates in

    From the .NET I thus get the array object which is converted to a
Mathematica list. However, every time I try to display, execute,
compare, etc. the resulting list from NETLink, the kernel crashes
without any warning. The only functions that can be applied to the
strange list are functions that do not use the content of what is in
list elements like Length, ByteCount, Head, Head/@, Hash, etc.

    In a mixed list, containing some valid numbers and some
Indeterminates, all numbers can be accessed, displayed, etc. but as
as any of the elements with Indeterminate content is accessed, the
kernel crashes.

$Version = "6.0 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) (April 20, 2007)"
NETLink`Information`$Version = "NET/Link Version 1.3.0"

    Thanks a lot for any help in advance!

Best regards,

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