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Re: Show and 6.0

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 02:57:53 -0400 (EDT)
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!!! To the rescue of the Mathematica book !!!!!

Hello Andrzej,

I actually read it more than once and liked it not badly (although that 

was when it did not yet contain so much typsetting stuff). It presents 

the material three times. The first time easy and superficial, the 

second time more deeply and the third time on the reference level. I 

think this is a good approach. And I would read it again if I would have 

to start again. Before Mathematica was available,  programming and debugging of 

mathematical algorthm was really hard and Mathematica made it so much easier. 

Therefore, I was really enthusiastic, what may explain why I devoured 

the book.

(Note that this time it is you, who does not give any specifics.)


Andrzej Kozlowski wrote:


> The meaning of ";" is not new to Mathematica 6. This meaning has not  

> changed since the release of the first version of Mathematica.


> As you yourself have already admitted, you are aware that there are  

> dozens of books (in addition to the giant reference book by Wolfram)  

> that explain such things (among which I would choose David Wagner's  

> "Power Programing with Mathematica" and  Gaylord, Kamin, Wellin  

> Introduction to Programming with Mathematica as the best written in  

> terms of clarity and the ability to hold the reader's attention).

> While you have been complaining about the absence of "clear and  

> helpful" new printed books about Mathematica 6,  you have also made is  

> clear that you have never tried reading *any* of the existing ones  

> that explaining the basics of the language: I am pretty sure it would  

> be impossible to read  any of them without learning about FullForm and  

> CompoumdExpression. As for Wolfram's huge book, while excellent as a  

> on-line reference, I consider it totally unreadable (and I have good  

> reasons to believe that the people who most lament its absence in  

> Mathematica 6 have never actually read the earlier versions). I  

> understand that many Mathematica users would give up after reading  

> just a few pages of this hige "brick" - I think reading "The  

> Mathematica Book" is about as interesting and useful as reading the  

> telephone directory of a large city. But there is not excuse at all  

> not to have read any of the existing excellent books on Mathematica   

> and then complaining about there not being more of them (presumably so  

> that you could not read them also).


> Andrzej Kozlowski 



Daniel Huber

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