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Re: What "style"s are available in a notebook?

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  • Subject: [mg89565] Re: What "style"s are available in a notebook?
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 06:08:41 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi David,

I have a function in A WorkLife Framework that does this...    It is
undocumented, but in essence it gives 3 lists as output: the first is
a list of the working enviornments, the second is a list of "Basic
Styles" and the third is a  list of "Additional Styles."  But don't
aske me what i mean by those distinctions!

Here is an example of its use:

In[818]:= StyleSheetStyles["Default.nb"]

Out[818]= {{"Working", "Presentation", "SlideShow", "Condensed",
  "Printout"}, {"Title", "Subtitle", "Subsubtitle", "Section",
  "Subsection", "Subsubsection", "Subsubsubsection",
  "Subsubsubsubsection", "Text", "Item", "Subitem", "Subsubitem",
  "InlineFormula", "DisplayFormula", "DisplayFormulaNumbered",
  "Program", "Input", "Code", "Output", "Assert", "PrintTemporary",
  "PrintUsage", "FunctionLink", "GuideLink", "TutorialLink",
  "GenericLink", "MessageLink", "Hyperlink", "DockedTitleCell",
  "DockedCell", "HistoryCurrentPage", "HistoryPreviousPage",
  "HistoryNextPage", "PageBreak", "CoordinateTooltipLabel", "Button",
  "GenericButton", "Menu", "DialogStyle", "ControlStyle",
  "GeneralizedPlaceholder", "Graphics3D", "Grid", "InputField",
  "Manipulator", "Manipulate", "ManipulateLabel", "Pane",
  "PaneSelector", "Panel", "PopupMenu", "MenuViewLabel", "TabView",
  "TabViewLabel", "TooltipLabel", "TextStyling", "TextForm",
  "CompatibilityDocked1", "CompatibilityDocked2",
  "CompatibilityTextTop", "CompatibilityText",
  "CompatibilityInputTop", "CompatibilityInput",
  "CompatibilityControls", "CompatibilityReplaceButton",
  "CompatibilityDiscardButton", "RefGuideLink"}, {"BF", "IT", "MB",
  "MBO", "MO", "MR", "MSG", "RM", "SB", "SBO", "SO", "SR", "TB",
  "TBI", "TI", "TR", "CellExpression", "CellLabel", "CopyEvaluate",
  "CopyEvaluateCell", "Evaluate", "EvaluateCell",
  "Font Specific Text Attributes", "Footer", "FooterSection",
  "FooterSubsection", "FooterTitle", "FrameLabel", "FunctionTemplate",
   "FunctionTemplateArgument", "FunctionTemplateHighlight",
  "Graphics", "Header", "HeaderSection", "HeaderSubsection",
  "HeaderTitle", "HideContentsInPrint", "HyperlinkActive", "Inert",
  "InfoCell", "InfoGrid", "InfoHeading", "InformationCell",
  "InformationLink", "InformationLinkLF", "InlineCell",
  "InlineCellEditing", "InlineOutput", "InputForm", "InputOnly",
  "InsetString", "ItemizedPicture", "Label", "Large", "Link",
  "ListGraphic", "MathCaption", "Medium", "Message", "MessagesWindow",
   "NotationMadeBoxesTag", "NotationPatternTag",
  "NotationTemplateTag", "Notes", "ObjectName",
  "OpenCloseItemizedPicture", "OutputForm", "PageNumber", "Paste",
  "Picture", "PictureGroup", "Placeholder", "PreviousNext",
  "PrimaryPlaceholder", "Print", "SlideHyperlink",
  "SlidePreviousNextLink", "SlideShowNavigationBar",
  "SlideShowSection", "SlideTOC", "SlideTOCLink", "Small",
  "SmallText", "Sound", "StandardForm", "TraditionalForm",
  "UnmatchedBracket", "Usage"}}

The code for the function is moderately long and may depend on other
things in the Package (I haven't checked).  If someone is desperate
for this code, I can see if it is self contained enough to share.

Also, if anyone just needs the list of Cell Styles from a particular
style sheet, I'd be happy to execute the function for that style sheet
and send them the list of contained styles in the current version of
that style sheet.

I hope that this helps...
A WorkLife FrameWork
E x t e n d i n g MATHEMATICA's Reach...
Trial Version at:

On Jun 12, 3:00 am, "David Park" <djmp... at> wrote:
> We can use the Style[expr, "style"] expression where "style" is a specifie=
> style in the current notebook. How could we find the complete set of such
> "styles"s that are available? Specifically, I am thinking of styles that m=
> come from cascading style sheets and are not directly visible in the curre=
> style sheet.
> For example, in the first example in tutorial/GridsRowsAndColumns the styl=
> "TableHeader" is used. Is this a style that is in the Documentation style
> sheets, or is it one that is available in Default style notebooks? It
> appears that it is not generally available and Mathematica substitutes
> something like the "Text" style.
> Mathematica obviously makes substitutions because if we put in a nonsense
> style we get output with no warning message.
> Style["Some text.", "znmjdhr"]
> So basically I would like to know how to obtain a list of all valid "style=
> available in a notebook environment.
> --
> David Park
> djmp... at comcast.net

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