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Re: Manipulate: Positioning of controls within panel

Rather than use a Manipulate, which is convenient for many cases but not 
very customizable, why not directly use a DynamicModule. It's really not 
that difficult and when you customize it's really much easier.

Here is an example. We create a Column that has a title row, an input row, 
and a results row. You could actually have a more fancy Grid structure that 
might include all kinds of input controls, plots and outputs.

Style["Some Common Logic Operations",16,"Panel",Background->None],
Row[{"a1: ",Checkbox[Dynamic[a1]],Spacer[20],"a2: ",Checkbox[Dynamic[a2]]}],
Dynamic@Row[{"a1"\[And]"a2: ",a1\[And]a2,Spacer[10],"a1"\[Or]"a2: 
",a1\[Or]a2,Spacer[10],"Nor[a1, a2]: ",Nor[a1,a2]}]//TraditionalForm
}](* Column *)

David Park
djmpark at

"H Hogreve" <hogreve at> wrote in message 
news:g2th9g$7m9$1 at
> Probably it is not a difficult task, but unfortunately
> I cannot figure out how to place two (or more) controls
> into the same line in the panel of manipulate. For example,
> in
>  Manipulate[{a1, a2}, {a1, {True, False}}, {a2, {True, False}}]
> it certainly makes sense to have the two Checkboxes
> aligned in one horizontal line. But, while outside
> manipule the command
>  Row[Table[Checkbox[], {i, 1, 2}]]
> yields two Checkboxes in a line, I did not succeed making
> something similar work in manipulate.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance,  H. Hogreve

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