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Re: Manipulate: Positioning of controls within panel

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  • Subject: [mg89591] Re: Manipulate: Positioning of controls within panel
  • From: Januk <ggroup at>
  • Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 05:28:40 -0400 (EDT)
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Make use of the fact that you can supply objects in the variable
specification sequence:

Manipulate[{a1, a2},
    Labeled[Checkbox[Dynamic[a1]], {"a1", a1}, {Top, Bottom}],
    Labeled[Checkbox[Dynamic[a2]], {"a2", a2}, {Top, Bottom}]

For more information, see:

The key paragraph to note is:
"There is in fact virtually no limit to what can be put into the
controls area, including arbitrary formatting constructs and dynamic
objects, even controls that are not part of the Manipulate's control
specifications. Anything placed in the variables sequence that is
either a string or has head Dynamic, Style, or ExpressionCell will
automatically be interpreted as an annotation to be inserted in the
controls area."

Hope that helps!

On Jun 13, 6:14 am, "H Hogreve" <hogr... at> wrote:
> Probably it is not a difficult task, but unfortunately
> I cannot figure out how to place two (or more) controls
> into the same line in the panel of manipulate. For example,
> in
>   Manipulate[{a1, a2}, {a1, {True, False}}, {a2, {True, False}}]
> it certainly makes sense to have the two Checkboxes
> aligned in one horizontal line. But, while outside
> manipule the command
>   Row[Table[Checkbox[], {i, 1, 2}]]
> yields two Checkboxes in a line, I did not succeed making
> something similar work in manipulate.
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance,  H. Hogreve

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