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Making nice-looking Legend for Plot

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  • Subject: [mg89640] Making nice-looking Legend for Plot
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 06:38:52 -0400 (EDT)

I have tried the "Plot Legends Package" for creating simple legend for
my Plot of two curves. I wish the legend to have minimum size while
samples of the curves in the legend I want be easily customizable in
their length to produce nice-looking legend for the plot (from my
viewpoint). The area taken by the legend I wish to be minimal but
spaces from edges (relative to the nearest entire objects of the
legend) I wish also to be easily customizable the same way as shadow
of the legend. I was surprized that only the shadow may be easily
customizable. I have spent about hour in making the nice-looking
legend but I have failed.
So I would like to take some leadership in making such simple (as I
thought before) legend. The legend should be placed (for simplicity)
on the right of the Plot (wihout space) but in the center of it's
vertical (relative to the center of the legend).

The following is similar to my Plot:
Plot[{100/x, x/1000 + 1}, {x, 100, 433}, PlotRange -> All]
These two curves I wish to have short legends {"NMA","DMA"}. I have
tried all the Options in the "Plot Legends Package" and I (after about
hour of tries) have produced a nearly above-mentioned legend but the
length of the samples of the curves I cannot make longer! I have not
found the way to control the length of the samples of the curves in
the Plot without breaking all other my progress in making the legend.

If you know an easy way for making the nice-looking legend I will
appreciate the answer. But may be there is another free package that
implements this simple and frequently-wanted task?

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