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Re: minor progress with 6.0 Documentation

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  • Subject: [mg89670] Re: minor progress with 6.0 Documentation
  • From: David Reiss <dbreiss at>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 00:38:22 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi Ken,

I haven't spent much time yet using the documentation tools that are
meant to be used under WorkBench as I have been creating my own set
that works under for its next
release.  The two approaches are complementary to each other...

But perhaps I can suggest several possible reasons why your Function
page does not contain the link you expected.

** The tools in WorkBench have not yet been rerun to create the true
function page from the template that you created.

** The PacletInfo.m file has not yet been updated (this should
presumably happen automatically if the preceding rerun of the tools
has taken place)

** The updated package documentation along with its PacletInfo.m
file  has not yet been placed where Mathematica woudl find it

** The Paclet Manager has not been restarted (this can be done with a
Mathematica command [see below] or will automatically happen if
Mathematica is restarted.

** The PacletInfo.m file is not complete in some way and therefore
does not give the Paclet Manager the needed information to add your
function to its internal list of available function pages and their
appropriate links.

Take a look at the Documentation Center tutorial material that I wrote
located at

if you haven't already done so to see some of the structural aspects
of Documentation Center materials.  The command for restarting the
Paclent Mannager is contained there.

I Hope this helps...



On Jun 16, 6:41 am, Ken Levasseur <klevass... at> wrote:
> I spent another hour listing to a Wolfram Web Seminar on Workbench.  
> After being totally confused, I decided to try to work through  
> DocuTools without Workbench.   Soon after, I  discovered the function =
> called  FunctionPageForSymbol  that's part of DocuTools.   It has =
> solved the problem I had with generating function pages, so I thought  
> I'd share this others who are struggling with this.  Information is at
> One issue I still have is that Information on a name doesn't include  
> a link to the function file for that name.  I thought that was  
> automatic when you had such a page in the right location.
> Ken Levasseur

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