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Re: export to Ansys

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  • Subject: [mg89890] Re: export to Ansys
  • From: Narasimham <mathma18 at>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 03:25:36 -0400 (EDT)
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On Jun 13, 3:47 pm, Oliver Ruebenkoenig <ruebe... at>
> Hi,
> On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Narasimham wrote:

> > How to export x,y,z points  made by Parametric Plot3D[f(u,v),
> > {u,umin,umax},},{v,vmin,vmax} ] to FEA Ansys? Also how to make a
> > suitable (x,y,z)Table? TIA
> We have only done ANSYS _import_ into Mathematica ( why would want
> anything else ;-) )
> You can look at the code in some of the import packages you find

> possibly you can deduce how the ANSYS file format is structured.

> Oliver Ruebenkoenig, <ruebenko AT>

Hi Oliver,

t = 1.4; al = Pi/12; umin = 1; umax = 13; vmin = 3; vmax = 5;rho =
Sqrt[u^2 + v^2]; th[u_, v_, gt_] :=  ArcTan[u Cos[gt] - v Sin[gt], u
Sin[gt] + v Cos[gt]];

RectStrpCone =   rho*{Sin[al] Cos[th[u, v, t]/Sin[al]], Sin[al]
Sin[th[u, v, t]/Sin[al]], Cos[al]} ;

ParametricPlot3D[RectStrpCone, {u, umin, umax}, {v, vmin, vmax},
PlotPoints -> {31, 6}, Mesh -> All, MaxRecursion -> 0]

E.g., I define curvilinear coordinated parametric points as above in
Mathematica and after deciding to accept it for further Ansys
geometric Modeling I wish to transfer nodes, keypoints and shell
elements through a Table to Ansys with Mesh Data.

And :) of course, after a common coordinate system is defined,
directly Cutting and Pasting the Mathematica 3-D patch image directly
into Ansys screen... by right click or GUI.. that is my final Graphics
Import (Important) dream ! Anyhow Mathematica can now itself identify
tangents, normals and binormals, useful for defining of load
application along correct directions, to arrest not required DOFs etc.


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