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Re: Inequality not documented in 6.0

On 6/25/08 at 6:29 AM, maderri2 at (magma) wrote:

>An expression like


>has a FullForm



>x>y>=z (*the relational operators are different *)

>has FullForm

>Inequality[x, Greater, y, GreaterEqual, z]

>which uses Inequality.

>Inequality does not appear to be documented in 6.0, yet it works
>well. Is it documented in later versions?

I suppose you aren't counting the description returned by evaluating,


as documentation since doing this on version 6.0 under Windows
does return a description. Why aren't you counting this as documentation?

As far as I can see, later versions of Mathematica (namely 6.03
on Mac OS 10.5.3) have the same documentation. So, I suppose the
answer to your question is no, since there appears to be no
difference between 6.0 and 6.03 with respect to documentation.

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