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Re: How to add a title to a cell and then collapse it?

On 6/25/08 at 6:25 AM, aaronfude at (Aaron Fude) wrote:

>Believe it or not, this is just not working for me. I'm fine
>creating titles, sections, subsections, but I am not able to produce
>any kind of hierarchy, such as combining a subsection with an input
>into a group then putting two such groups inside a section.

>I'm trying to have to following structure:

>| __________________
>| | | Section I
>| | | Input section
>| __________________
>| | | Section II
>| | | Input section

>I would be very appreciate if I am able to figure this out! On Tue,

This makes it clear what you want but not entirely clear what
you are starting from. I will assume you have something like:

| Section I
| | section 1 stuff
| Section II
| | section 2 stuff

If so, click in the area above Section 1 so you can create a new
cell above that section. Enter your title then select the cell
by clicking on the cell bracket to the right. Now go to the
menubar and select Format->Style->Title. That will change the
selected cell to a Title and all of the cells below will become
subcells to that cell.

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