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Re: Export PDF plot or Save Selection As -- big troubles with

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  • Subject: [mg90026] Re: Export PDF plot or Save Selection As -- big troubles with
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 04:46:31 -0400 (EDT)
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It is known that Adobe Illustrator has some troubles with importing
PDF files even if they are created by Adobe Distiller. As I know the
universal way for importing PDF in Illustrator does not exist at all!
There is the only universal way to import EMF vector graphics into
Illustrator that I have found after many hours of tries. It is really
working if you use the same versions of Illustrator and Distiller! The
way is:
1) Export vector graphics in EMF (or WMF) format
2) Place the EMF-graphics in a blank Microsoft Word document
3) Use Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker for Word plugin for producing PDF-file
(do not simply print Word document to Acrobat Distiller printer -
resulting PDF will not import in Illustrator without converting all
non-ANCII characters in curves!)
4) Import PDF in Illustrator the same version as Acrobat PDFMaker is.
It will be imported fine.

It is really annoying that the universal way for converting PDF-
graphics into another vector formats (e.g. EMF and even AI) does not
exist! In many cases there is no way at all for converting PDF to any
other vector format without loosing quality (converting fonts into
curves) or converting vector graphics into raster (e.g. EMF-file vill
be produced but it will contain only low-quality raster image, no any
vector graphics at all)!

If anyone know a way to convert PDF-file produced by Mathematica into
EMF or AI or CDR or other interchangeable vector format it will be
VERY MUCH appreciated if you will share you knowledge...

On 25 June, 14:33, AES <sieg... at> wrote:
> Create a combined Plot/ListPlot in 6 using Show having some lines with
> their Thickness[] increased, some points with their PointSize[]
> increased.
> Export plot as PDF or Select either the plot itself or the complete cell
> and Save As Selection. Open saved file in Acrobat; it looks fine (though
> document size is not what I want; it's just big enough to enclose the
> plot, and I'd like letter size).
> Open same file in Illustrator CS 11.0.0 on Mac (only way I know to
> change document or artboard size of a PDF file).  Plot looks horrible:
> Line thicknesses are hugely thickened (though axes and frame seem OK);
> point sizes, oddly, seem OK; text size for tick labelsseems shrunken.
> Any idea what's happening here???  Seems fair to call this a bug --
> somebody's not doing right by the PDF format.  But, an Adobe bug or a
> Wolfram bug?

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