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RE: Vary PlotStyle in ListPlot ?

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  • Subject: [mg90029] RE: [mg90005] Vary PlotStyle in ListPlot ?
  • From: "David Annetts" <davidannetts at>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 06:12:41 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi Mark,

> I'm producing ListPlots with a  large number (>100000) pairs 
> of points.
> Is there a way to vary the PlotStyle in a single ListPlot 
> command, so that sets of points in a certain region are a 
> different color or Opacity than points outside the region? 
> This is simple using Show and individual ListPlots, but I'm 
> wondering if it can be done within a single ListPlot command.

This should be a matter of setting up different styles and partitioning your
data accordingly (eg Cluster[] or Cases[])

Something like 

pstyl = {
   {Directive[Opacity[.25], PointSize[.01]], Black},
   {Directive[Opacity[.5], PointSize[.05]], Red},
   {Directive[Opacity[.25], PointSize[.01]], Green}};

split[lst_?VectorQ] := {Select[lst, # < 4 &], 
   Select[lst, 4 <= # 7.5 &], Select[lst, # >= 7.5 &]};

data = RandomReal[{0, 10}, 100];
ListPlot[split@data, PlotStyle -> pstyl]

should get you some ideas.



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