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Re: Timing out while waiting for Manipulate code to load

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  • Subject: [mg90060] Re: Timing out while waiting for Manipulate code to load
  • From: Frank Iannarilli <frankeye at>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 06:19:30 -0400 (EDT)
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Or is
> there a way to get the Button not to Abort while waiting for the Manipulate
> code to load?
> --
> David Park
> djmp... at comcast.net

Hi David,

See my post

Item 9) on a trick.

I'll be interested to learn more about resolution of the problems
you've encountered.  Perhaps it's worth pointing out my recent

I'm running a WinXP/Mathematica 6.0.2 notebook with a large Manipulate
statement (large=lots of internal calcs & controls).  The computer was
disconnected from the network, so any influence of the idiosyncratic
behavior of antivirus server pings, et cet was eliminated.  I've tried
starting this notebook several times from a cold-boot of the computer,
invocation of Mathematica, with an immediate "Evaluate Initialization
Cells" (on which my Manipulate code functions depend).  In all these
trials, the time for the resulting Manipulate output panel to be built
and ready varied from a handful of seconds to a few minutes!   Go
figure!  I do notice (pointed out already by others?) that Manipulate
is evidently implemented using Java.  I can watch the Win Task
Manager, where "javaw" is at first the CPU hog, followed alternately
(as expected) by the frontend and the kernel.  Maybe WRI will at some
point replace such java implementation with native code?

Just some hints and datapoints...

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