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Re: How to show PolarPlot with circles coordinate

The Presentations package has a DrawPolarGrid command. The user can control
the angular and radial ranges, subdivisions and labeling. The following
draws a polar curve on top of a polar grid. ComplexPolar[r,theta] is a
Presentations expression for representing complex numbers in polar form and
is usesful for making many plots.


f[\[Theta]_] :=
 5 + 2 Sin[\[Theta]] + Sin[2 \[Theta] + \[Pi]] +
  Sin[5 \[Theta] + \[Pi]/4]

 {DrawPolarGrid[{ComplexPolar[0, 0 =B0], ComplexPolar[10, 360 =B0],
    ComplexPolar[5, 45 =B0], {5, 5}}],
  PolarDraw[f[\[Theta]], {\[Theta], 0, 2 \[Pi]}]},
 PlotRangePadding -> 1,
 PlotLabel -> f[\[Theta]],
 ImageSize -> 300]

This particular polar grid goes from 0 < r < 10 and 0 Degree <  theta < 360
Degree with labeled positions spaced by delta r = 5 and delta theta == 45
Degree. There are 5 subdivisions in both the r and theta directions. The
labeled coordinates are drawn with black lines and the subdivisions are
drawn with very faint gray lines.

David Park
djmpark at

"Galaxia" <forgalaxia at> wrote in message
news:g42erp$nor$1 at
> The PolarPlot of Mathematica gives still the X-Y axes coordinate.  Is
> there any way to plot the figure with coordinate system with rays and
> circle target?  Thanks.

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