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Re: Text does not scale with size of graphic

On Feb 28, 2:14=A0am, Albert Retey <a... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> > This is probably a silly question, but I was wondering why it is that
> >textin agraphicremains the same size when thegraphicis resized.
> > For example, if you look at
> > Plot[BesselJ[0, x], {x, 0, 10}]
> > and drag the resizing handles around, you see that, independent of all
> > the othergraphicelements, the tick labels stay the same size no
> > matter what size you make the plot. =A0What is the reason for this?
> > I often want to make an array of relatively small graphics, but a
> > problem with doing this is that the tick labels can crowd out the rest
> > of thegraphic. =A0In the past I've just eliminated the tick labels; is
> > there a way to introducetextthat doesscalewith the size of the
> >graphic?
> In Version 6 the following works:
> Plot[
> =A0 BesselJ[0, x], {x, 0, 10},
> =A0 BaseStyle -> {FontSize -> Scaled[0.05]}
> ]
> I don't think that this was possible with prior versions...
> hth,
> albert

That is quite nice; thank you for pointing it out, Albert.

I am still curious, though.  The default, text not scaling with
graphic, behavior has been the status quo since at least version 5,
and I think it worked that way in version 4 as well.  It seems clear
that this is a deliberate design decision.  Does anyone have an
explanation for why it would be advantageous for text to not scale
with the size of the graphic?


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