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Re: Changing the positions of limits on displayed mathematical

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  • Subject: [mg86134] Re: [mg86121] Changing the positions of limits on displayed mathematical
  • From: Carl Woll <carlw at>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 04:39:24 -0500 (EST)
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J. McKenzie Alexander wrote:

>I'm using Mathematica to typeset formulas for inclusion in Keynote  
>(pasted in as PDFs) and I was wondering how to change where the limits  
>of summation are placed on a displayed formula.  In the cell below, I  
>have a summation appearing in the denominator of a fraction and the  
>limits are, by default, placed off to the right; I greatly prefer  
>having the limits written above and below the Sigma.  I've highlighted  
>the summation and looked through a bunch of options using the Option  
>Inspector, but I have no idea what I should change...
>Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure this is a trivial problem but  
>I don't know where to look!
>  FormBox[
>   StyleBox[
>    RowBox[{
>     RowBox[{
>      SubsuperscriptBox["p", "i", "j"], "(",
>      RowBox[{"t", "+", "1"}], ")"}], "=",
>     FractionBox[
>      RowBox[{
>       RowBox[{"k", "\[CenterDot]",
>        RowBox[{
>         SubsuperscriptBox["p", "i", "j"], "(", "t", ")"}]}], "+",
>       RowBox[{"Cov", "(", "j", ")"}]}],
>      RowBox[{"k", "+",
>       RowBox[{
>        UnderoverscriptBox["\[Sum]",
>         RowBox[{"j", "=", "1"}], "n"],
>        RowBox[{"Cov", "(", "j", ")"}]}]}]]}], "DisplayFormula"],
>   TraditionalForm]],
>  FormatType->"TraditionalForm"]], "Text",
>  CellChangeTimes->{{3.413467535896776*^9, 3.413467687100032*^9}}]
>Dr J. McKenzie Alexander
>Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
>London School of Economics and Political Science
>Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE
>Please access the attached hyperlink for an important electronic communications disclaimer:
Select the cell, then using the Option Inspector, lookup 
LimitsPositioning for UnderoverscriptBox, and set it to False.

Carl Woll
Wolfram Research

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