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Re: Viewpoint selector for Mac in 6.0?

On Mar 22, 1:52 am, Ravi Balasubramanian <br... at>
> Hello friends,
> It appears that the viewpoint selector for 3D graphics is absent in 6.0
> (Mac version).  Is there an alternate way to manually choose a view
> (other than trying different viewpoints repeatedly)?  Suggestions
> appreciated.
> Ravi
> University of Washington

You can try this:
 Module[{x, y, z},
  x = r Sin[\[Theta]] Cos[\[Phi]];
  y = r Sin[\[Theta]] Sin[\[Phi]];
  z = r Cos[\[Theta]];
  Graphics3D[Cylinder[], ViewPoint -> {x, y, z}]
 {{r, 3}, 1.5, 10, Appearance -> "Labeled"},
 {{\[Theta], Pi/4}, 0, Pi, Appearance -> "Labeled"},
 {{\[Phi], Pi/6}, -Pi, Pi, Appearance -> "Labeled"}

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