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Re: Re: symbolic evaluation

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  • Subject: [mg87050] Re: [mg87026] Re: symbolic evaluation
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  • Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 01:16:38 -0500 (EST)
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You're still stubbornly confusing two basically different things in 

a = b is NOT an equation in Mathematica!  It is an abbreviation for 
Set[a,b], which immediately gives a the value of b.

   7x = 14 (* syntactically forbidden; error message results *)

a == b  (with TWO equal signs) is an equation in Mathematica, which may 
have the value True or False (in case Mathematica has sufficient 
information already about a and b to decide this) or just return the 
equation if it cannot yet decide the truth or falsity.

   7x == 14   (* input *)
7x == 14     (* output result *)

You really want to transform the equation 7x==14 into the equation x==2? 

   Reduce[7x == 14, x]      (* input *)
x == 2                     (* output *)

Under ordinary circumstances, you would not want to "transform" your 
equation into the form you say.

p3aul wrote:
> Thank you all for your answers, but they all result in Mathematica "solving" the equation and giving the answer 2, which is not what I need. What I need is for Mathematica to transpose the formula giving as out put x = 14/7. I beginning to believe that mathematica can't do it because the designer didn't put that capability in it. This must be a hard concept for a computer to do. It just seems simple to me. What's wrong with "out[1]= {{x -> 14/2}}" Which output I can't seem to get.
> Paul:(

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