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Re: ListDensityPlot with irregular data and InterpolationOrder

On 5/7/08 at 7:10 AM, szhorvat at (Szabolcs Horv=C3=A1t) wrote:

>This is not explicitly documented (or at least I could not find any
>mention of it), but from looking at the plots it seems to me that
>with ListDensityPlot (and related functions), an InterpolationOrder
>higher than 1 only work with data that lies on a regular grid.

>So for example the following data cannot be plotted with
>InterpolationOrder higher than 1:

>data = {#1, #2, Sin[#1] Sin[#2]} & @@@ RandomReal[2 Pi, {100, 2}];

>Is this correct?

The array you create above is a regular array and as far as I
can see there is no problem with using an InterpolationOrder
greater than 1. That is, using your code above to assign values
to data


all execute with no error messages.

True, all three graphics appear identical. But I believe this is
due the functional relationship you created.

Do the following

data=RandomReal[2 Pi, {5,5}];



All three should execute with no error and the images will not
be the same due to the different interpolation order.

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