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A bug in Show[]?

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg88559] A bug in Show[]?
  • From: Alexey Popkov <popkov at>
  • Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 04:15:09 -0400 (EDT)

Consider the following combined plot:

model[i_] := Log[i] - Log[i - 1];
Show[Plot[(model[ii]), {ii, 2, 51}],
 ListPlot[Table[{im, model[im]}, {im, 2, 51}]], PlotRange -> All]

You may see that a part of first Plot is absent. It is easily to
demonstrate that only a part of Plot that is not shown without the
option "PlotRange -> All" is absent:

Show[Plot[(model[ii]), {ii, 2, 51}],
 ListPlot[Table[{im, model[im]}, {im, 2, 51}]]]

The workaround is to put this option inside first Plot[] instead
outside of those:

Show[Plot[(model[ii]), {ii, 2, 51}, PlotRange -> All],
 ListPlot[Table[{im, model[im]}, {im, 2, 51}]]]

But in documentation for Show[] one can read: "Options explicitly
specified in Show override those included in the graphics
expression.". Thus this is a bug in Show[]!

Moreover placing this option inside the second command ListPlot[] has
no result at all (the option is ignored):

Show[Plot[(model[ii]), {ii, 2, 51}],
 ListPlot[Table[{im, model[im]}, {im, 2, 51}], PlotRange -> All]]

But according to the documentation "The lists of non-default options
in the Subscript[g, i] are concatenated.". Thus it seems to be the
second bug in Show[]!

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