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Re: Bug in Plot?

Hello John,
I can't reproduce it. It works as expected for me:
Mac OS 10.4.11, intel
math 6.0 64 bit kernel

Have you checked your activity monitor or the command "top" to see if
you have sufficient memory left?

> But this causes Mathematica on my machine to hang indefinitely:
> a = 0.0025; Plot[1 - Exp[-a * t], {t, 50, 1000}]
> I have to quit and re-start the kernel to recover.
> Can anyone reproduce this behavior?  If so, can anyone suggest why this
> happens, or suggest a work around?  Thanks is advance for all help with
> this.
> John Stone (v 6.0.2 / Mac OS-X 10.5.2)

W. Craig Carter

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