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Re: FullForm OK but StandardForm fails

Fiona H Evans wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering if this is a bug in or whether anyone can see my
> problem here. I'm running a model that updates an object called 'data'
> using a module with the HoldFirst attribute. After I run the module, I
> can see the Head of data, and its FullForm, but when I try to view its
> StandardForm, I get a $RecursionLimit error as follows. If I try to
> Print data, the kernel crashes. However, if I copy the FullForm of
> data (Out[76]) into a new object, it Prints perfectly. Any ideas?
> In[75]:= Head[data]
> Out[75]= localState
> In[76]:= FullForm[data]
> Out[76]//FullForm=
> localState[community[List[population["canola",genotypeInfo[],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],
> cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],population["lupin",genotypeInfo[],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],
> cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],population["ryegrass",genotypeInfo[List[Rule[List[1,1],
> 0.9993453217507997`],Rule[List[Blank[Integer],Blank[Integer]],
> 1]],List["major"],List["dominant"],
> List["glyphosate"],List[Rational[1,1000000000]],List[0.1`]],cohortList[List[cohort[time[3502828800],
> hashedMSet[ruleSet[List[Rule[List[List[1],List[1]],
> 1],Rule[List[List[1],List[2]],2],Rule[List[List[2],
> List[1]],3],Rule[List[List[2],List[2]],
> 4]]],List[499345536052604696,327124822795158,
> 327124822795158,214301804988],List[info[List[]],info[List[]],info[List[]],info[List[]]]]]]],
> cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],population["wheat",genotypeInfo[],
> cohortList[List[cohort[time[3502828800],hashedMSet[ruleSet[List[Rule[List[List[1],List[1]],
> 1]]],
> List[160000000000000000],List[info[List[]]]]]]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],
> population["wildradish",genotypeInfo[],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],
> cohortList[List[]]]]],herbicideResidueList[]]
> In[77]:= StandardForm[data]
> During evaluation of In[77]:= $RecursionLimit::reclim: Recursion depth
> of 1024 exceeded. >>
> During evaluation of In[77]:= $RecursionLimit::reclim: Recursion depth
> of 1024 exceeded. >>
> During evaluation of In[77]:= $RecursionLimit::reclim: Recursion depth
> of 1024 exceeded. >>
> During evaluation of In[77]:= General::stop: Further output of
> $RecursionLimit::reclim will be suppressed during this calculation. >>
I suggest you post the simplest possible data object (in FullForm) that 
exhibits this problem.

Have you perhaps inherited some code that uses MakeBoxes to format code 
in a particular way - this could generate the symptoms you describe.

David Bailey

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