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Re: FullForm OK but StandardForm fails

Fiona H Evans wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering if this is a bug in or whether anyone can see my
> problem here. I'm running a model that updates an object called 'data'
> using a module with the HoldFirst attribute. After I run the module, I
> can see the Head of data, and its FullForm, but when I try to view its
> StandardForm, I get a $RecursionLimit error as follows. If I try to
> Print data, the kernel crashes. However, if I copy the FullForm of
> data (Out[76]) into a new object, it Prints perfectly. Any ideas?
> In[75]:= Head[data]
> Out[75]= localState
> In[76]:= FullForm[data]
> Out[76]//FullForm=
> localState[community[List[population["canola",genotypeInfo[],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],
> cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],population["lupin",genotypeInfo[],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],
> cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],population["ryegrass",genotypeInfo[List[Rule[List[1,1],
> 0.9993453217507997`],Rule[List[Blank[Integer],Blank[Integer]],
> 1]],List["major"],List["dominant"],
> List["glyphosate"],List[Rational[1,1000000000]],List[0.1`]],cohortList[List[cohort[time[3502828800],
> hashedMSet[ruleSet[List[Rule[List[List[1],List[1]],
> 1],Rule[List[List[1],List[2]],2],Rule[List[List[2],
> List[1]],3],Rule[List[List[2],List[2]],
> 4]]],List[499345536052604696,327124822795158,
> 327124822795158,214301804988],List[info[List[]],info[List[]],info[List[]],info[List[]]]]]]],
> cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],population["wheat",genotypeInfo[],
> cohortList[List[cohort[time[3502828800],hashedMSet[ruleSet[List[Rule[List[List[1],List[1]],
> 1]]],
> List[160000000000000000],List[info[List[]]]]]]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]]],
> population["wildradish",genotypeInfo[],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],cohortList[List[]],
> cohortList[List[]]]]],herbicideResidueList[]]
> In[77]:= StandardForm[data]
> During evaluation of In[77]:= $RecursionLimit::reclim: Recursion depth
> of 1024 exceeded. >>
> During evaluation of In[77]:= $RecursionLimit::reclim: Recursion depth
> of 1024 exceeded. >>
> During evaluation of In[77]:= $RecursionLimit::reclim: Recursion depth
> of 1024 exceeded. >>
> During evaluation of In[77]:= General::stop: Further output of
> $RecursionLimit::reclim will be suppressed during this calculation. >>
Sorry - my previous reply only made partial sense, because you had 
indeed posted a FullForm expression, but for me, this expression 
displayed OK in StandardForm. This makes me even more suspicious that 
you are using some code with MakeBoxes (or possible Format) to set up 
layout rules for this expression.

David Bailey

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