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Re: Mathematica 6: No more memory available problem with

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  • Subject: [mg88947] Re: Mathematica 6: No more memory available problem with
  • From: David <dlkeith at>
  • Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 02:35:14 -0400 (EDT)
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On May 21, 11:53 am, ucer... at wrote:
> Try this:
> d = RandomReal[{0, 1}, {78, 20003}];
> ListDensityPlot[d, PerformanceGoal -> "Speed"]
> ListPlot3D[d, PerformanceGoal -> "Speed"]
> Mathematica deals with large data sets by downsampling, using the
> MaxPlotPoints option. PerformanceGoal->"Speed", will use a very simple
> plotting code to give a draft representation of the data (no mesh
> lines, no RegionFunction, etc.).
> This also works, although it may take a little bit longer, around 20
> sec on my mac book pro with 2Gig RAM:
> ListDensityPlot[d, PerformanceGoal -> "Speed",
>  MaxPlotPoints -> Infinity]
> or even:
> ListPlot3D[d, PerformanceGoal -> "Speed", MaxPlotPoints -> Infinity]
> Mathematica is a very good tool to visualize large data sets.
> Ulises Cervantes
> Wolfram Research, Inc.

With respect, I cannot agree with this. I have been trying to use
Mathematica to visualize xyz output from a Zygo optical profilometer.
The data is in 640x480=307300 xyz tripletts. ListPlot3D, even with the
options you specify, requires 123.5 seconds to generate the plot.
Afterwords, any attempt to manipulate the plot orientation freezes the
front end so badily that the function is useless. Other activities
also grind to a halt. Watching utilization with task manager suggests
that the 640x480 plot has consumed all memory. In fact, in some cases
of prior history in the kernel I just get an out-of-memory abort from
the kernel. I sent in a summary of this to Wolfram support a few
months ago and was told that my data set was too large. I would really
like to be able to process 640x480 data sets in 3D. I am running on XP Pro with 4GB ram.


David Keith

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