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Re: Range of Use of Mathematica

In article <g1e351$eqq$1 at>,
 Murray Eisenberg <murray at> wrote:

> My impression is that in (much) earlier Mathematica versions, WRI went 
> out of its way to encourage and foster such 3rd party books (some of 
> which were, in fact, written by or co-authored by insiders).  Either 
> this is not being done or, if it is, there's a considerable lag in such 
> efforts seeing the light of day.
> I remain convinced that some of the early success of Mathematica was the 
> existence of such books, beyond the intrinsic value of the software 
> itself.  And I continue to hope that the seemingly print-averse, 
> pro-electronic enthusiasts within WRI do not totally dominate the 
> direction this takes.

Murray and I are of course singing from exactly the same songbook in 
expressing views like these.  I'll go further:  WRIs failure to have 
done this with the ("revolutionary") transition to 6 is not just 
inexplicable but absolutely insane.  Combined with Mathematica's 
pricing, I predict that it will do substantial damage to Mathematica's 
competitive status and market success.

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