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Re: Soundnote, musical instruments playing at arbitrary

The SECOND argument is the time duration, and that can indeed be an 
arbitrary real number.  For example:

   SoundNote["A", 2.25, "Violin"]

I presume what you really meant is to vary the FIRST argument to get a 
different pitch.  But the legal values, when not being specified by a 
named pitch, seem to be constrained only to integral numbers of 
semitones from middle C, positive or negative.

janos wrote:
> SoundNote["G", 1, "Violin"] gives you a middle G as if performed by a
> violinist corresponding to a predefined scale (should I know which?)
> It does not accept real numbers as a second variable.
> Play can play you any waveform.
> I would like to have the, say, violin profile but play a sound note at
> arbitrary pitch.
> How can I do this? The FullForm of SoundNote gives no information,
> and I do not want to invest a large amount of work into creating the
> appropriate profile if it has been done once.
> Could anyone help me please?
> Thank you,
> Janos

Murray Eisenberg                     murray at
Mathematics & Statistics Dept.
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University of Massachusetts                413 545-2859 (W)
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