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Re: Re: Eliminating common factors?

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  • Subject: [mg93403] Re: [mg93371] Re: Eliminating common factors?
  • From: peter <plindsay.0 at>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 04:06:32 -0500 (EST)
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what's "lingua franca" ? Is this a Classics Mathematica newsgroup now ?
Jeeze things are changing fast.....  ;)

2008/11/5 AES <siegman at>

> In article <gepb1g$sg6$1 at>, SigmundV <sigmundv at>
> wrote:
> > Well, any of Expand, Simplify, Together, Apart ... will do (at least
> > with the actual expression, you posted). However, why did you post the
> > expression in TeX syntax? Wouldn't it be easier to type 4(a/4+b/4 c)?
> Since this has been asked twice:  I just wanted to emphasize that the
> output was appearing as two *display fractions*, i.e. something like
>         a                 b
> 4 (  ------    +     ------------  )
>        4                4 c
> in case it made any difference; and I wanted do this without messing
> with typing something like the above, and worrying about whether it
> would display properly with different fonts that were or were not
> monospaced.
> [The math and computer gurus posting on this group sometimes seem to
> assume everyone will know their arcane lingo; I was assuming they would
> know at least some basic TeX syntax, since it's a lingua franca for
> every colleague (and grad student) that I know.]

peter lindsay
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university of st andrews
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