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Re: Re: Coloring Histograms

Documented or not, that option does not seem to work with Mathematica 
7.0.  It has been replaced by ChartStyle, which also is applicable to 
other chart-type objects: Pie Chart, BubbleChart, RectangleChart, 
SectorChart, BarChart3D, ... .

Albert Retey wrote:
> Hi,
>> I'm using the Histogram package, calling it by: Needs["Histograms`"]
>> Each histogram keeps coming out in pale blue. I'd like to be able to change 
>> the color of an individual histogram to something else.
>> This way when I combine two histograms on the same graph using "Show" they 
>> will come out in different colors.
>> To plot a single histogram I use the syntax:
>>       Histogram[completeness, FrequencyData -> True]
>> I haven't found a plot option that will acomplish this. Any ideas would be 
>> appreciated.
> Histogram[RandomInteger[{1, 5}, {100}], BarStyle -> Red]
> if you wonder how you can find something like that in cases like
> Histogram, where the documentation is almost nonexistent: look at
> Options[Histogram]
> and then try the possible candidates. Once I found BarStyle, I found
> that this option is documented, but not mentioned in the documentation
> of Histogram...
> hth,
> albert

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