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Re: Re: v.7.0 issues

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 05:34:59 -0500 (EST)
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My complain is on the same direction. Those of you who live in USA (as I 
did) know the price you are paying for the upgrade. Mathematica is not being 
sold in local stores but over the web, so why the diference in price (except 
VAT)  if I do not get anything at at all from any local reseller. ( I 
purchase many books over the web from USA based book shops and never had 
poblems with VAT at all). I do not mind paying the same than anyone in USA. 
but no the 1,300 USD I am asking to pay for clicking on the upgrade button 
on computer which is a bunch of miles away from New York. Why again.

Probably,  I am not upgrading anymore for this and the reasons below; 
despite I have been a loyal customer since the earliest v2.1 and upgraded 
most of the subsequent releeases. As I remember I used to pay less than 400 
USD or so for each aupgrade in USA:


I think that a clear explanation on the following this is nedeed.

I am still in v6.0.01, having problems but being cautious.

>From what I am reading, I see that if  I had aupgraded before from something
buggy (v6.0.1)  I had had something buggy again (v6.0.3), at a very high
aditional price. In fact, I did not upgrade to 6.0.3 because I do not feel
like paying again to correct waht should have been Ok when I purchased it 
for the first time.
Or in other words, the correction of the bugs should be released for free to 
all the pay users; in my opinion. So, I do not dear to blindly spend another 
1,300 USD  to upgrade and get something buggy (7.0.0) and be invited time 
and again to get a new bug fixing releases or cope with the faulty thing.


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> Like all previous versions of Mathematica, version 7.0 is ridiculously
> expensive for the average user...
> I wouldn't mind an ad supported version of Mathematica. For example,
> part of the front end could have ads on the sides, when you start the
> kernel it could pop up a message like: "This session is brought to you
> by "abcdefgh" company" or the plots could have a watermark.
> I don't know how much of the cost this method would cover but I think
> it could shave off some part of it at least. Since this is scientific
> software perhaps Universities/Colleges could buy advertisement
> space...
> Mathematica is the best, but if only a few can afford it what's the
> point?
> Cheers

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