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Re: v.7.0 issues

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  • Subject: [mg93922] Re: v.7.0 issues
  • From: Jon McLoone <jonm at>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 05:11:14 -0500 (EST)
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On Nov 27, 10:34 am, "E. Martin-Serrano"
<eMartinSerr... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> My complain is on the same direction. Those of you who live in USA (as I
> did) know the price you are paying for the upgrade. Mathematica is not being
> sold in local stores but over the web, so why the diference in price (except
> VAT)  if I do not get anything at at all from any local reseller. ( I
> purchase many books over the web from USA based book shops and never had
> poblems with VAT at all). I do not mind paying the same than anyone in USA.
> but no the 1,300 USD I am asking to pay for clicking on the upgrade button
> on computer which is a bunch of miles away from New York. Why again.
> Probably,  I am not upgrading anymore for this and the reasons below;
> despite I have been a loyal customer since the earliest v2.1 and upgraded
> most of the subsequent releeases. As I remember I used to pay less than 400
> USD or so for each aupgrade in USA:
> Anyway.
> I think that a clear explanation on the following this is nedeed.
> I am still in v6.0.01, having problems but being cautious.
> >From what I am reading, I see that if  I had aupgraded before from something
> buggy (v6.0.1)  I had had something buggy again (v6.0.3), at a very high
> aditional price. In fact, I did not upgrade to 6.0.3 because I do not feel
> like paying again to correct waht should have been Ok when I purchased it
> for the first time.
> Or in other words, the correction of the bugs should be released for free to
> all the pay users; in my opinion. So, I do not dear to blindly spend another
> 1,300 USD  to upgrade and get something buggy (7.0.0) and be invited time
> and again to get a new bug fixing releases or cope with the faulty thing.

To clarify- the price you are quoting is a little above the price for
your license to be upgraded AND for a year of Premier Service
(upgrades, technical support, home use, webMathematica Amateur,
Wolfram Workbench etc). Further down the store page that you got
pricing from, you will see a link to "Basic upgrade" which for your
personal license configuration quotes Euro 637.

If you do want to stay up to date then Premier Service is always to be
recommended. Had you taken that option on your previous upgrade, you
would have automatically received 6.0.2, 6.0.3 and probably 7.0 as
well as the other benefits. But I appreciate that some people prefer
to skip over some releases.

Jon McLoone

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