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Mathematica vs Latex

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg92670] Mathematica vs Latex
  • From: John <jwa0 at>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 04:33:34 -0400 (EDT)

Mathematica 6, WindowsXP

The binomial, probability distribution function is printed in the
evaluation of the following notebook:

 Notebook[{Cell["October 7, 2008", "Text", TextAlignment -> 1,
    FontSize -> 24, Bold,
    CellMargins -> {{Inherited, Inherited}, {50, Inherited}}],
   Cell["Probability Of Acceptance", "Section", "Text",
    CellFrame -> False,
    CellMargins -> {{Inherited, Inherited}, {4, 3}}],
   Cell["Use the formula,", "Text", TextJustification -> 1,
    Hyphenation -> True, FontSize -> 16, Bold, CellFrame -> False,
    CellMargins -> {{Inherited, Inherited}, {10, Inherited}}],
     RowBox[{ RowBox[{"(", GridBox[{{"c"}, {"i"}}], ")"}],
       SuperscriptBox["p", "i"],
       SuperscriptBox["(1-p)", "c-i"]}] ] ,   "Text", FontSize -> 16,
    Bold, TextJustification -> 1, Hyphenation -> True,
    CellMargins -> {{Inherited + 35, Inherited}, {10, Inherited}}],
   Cell["to compute the probability that acceptance sampling deems a \
lot to be acceptable. Values of n, c amd p are specified by the \
user.", "Text", FontSize -> 16, Bold, TextJustification -> 1,
    Hyphenation -> True, CellFrame -> False,
    CellMargins -> {{Inherited, Inherited}, {10, Inherited}}]}]]

The Mathematica printed formula is mathematically correct, but a
publisher would not accept it.
Publishers want formulas produced by Latex, and anyone who looks at
the formulas, side by side, will see why.

I have been told that Mathematica can import a Latex file, which
prints a formula, and then duplicate the Latex formula. If true this
would solve many of my problems because creating and printing elegant,
math formulas in Latex is easy.


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