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RE: Controlling the size of the integral sign

David Park wrote:

>If an integral appears inside a Grid or a Column, which has 
>DefaultBaseStyle -> "Grid", it is much shorter in height than in a regular 
>output expression.
>Regular expression:
>Integrate[(f[x] + g[x]), {x, a, b}]
>Inside a Column or Grid expression.
>Column[{Integrate[(f[x] + g[x]), {x, a, b}]}]
>If I use the option SpanMinSize it also increases the size of brackets and 
>Column[{Integrate[(f[x] + g[x]), {x, a, b}]},
> BaseStyle -> {SpanMinSize -> 2}]
>How can I get back the taller integral sign without changing other spanning

I thought we discussed this before. GridBox has 
AllowScriptLevelChange->True. So, use either:

Column[{Integrate[(f[x] + g[x]), {x, a, b}]}, AllowScriptLevelChange->False]


Column[{Style[Integrate[(f[x] + g[x]), {x, a, b}], ScriptLevel->0]}]

The first option above colors AllowScriptLevelChange red, but works.


Thanks Carl. At my age I'll probably ask again - unless
AllowScriptLevelChange is a named option for Column and Grid and there is a
link to it on the Column, Grid and ScriptLevel Help pages.

David Park
djmpark at 

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