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Re: Error in file / load entire notebook into memory

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  • Subject: [mg91845] Re: [mg91828] Error in file / load entire notebook into memory
  • From: "peter lindsay" <pl.0 at>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 05:07:44 -0400 (EDT)
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mathematica files are XML I think; i.e. they're text with extra
kind-of flags in it. So the file will open using a good text editor.
It should be possible to identify what is input and what is output. So
what I'd do is eliminate the output then try to fix the input so that
it looks right compared with another valid mathematica file. Then save
and run the file. I've done this before with a student's exam file
that got corrupted - it works.

You're still left with the versions 5/6 issue however.

good luck


2008/9/9 Adam Weyhaupt <aweyhau at>:
> I am teaching Calc I this semester and am having my students do
> Mathematica labs.  The labs are written in Mathematica 6, but we have both
> Mathematica 6 and Mathematica 5.2 on campus, so I can't guarantee that the labs were never opened in 5.2.  On a few (about 3 files out of 60), I am
> getting the following error.  This occurs in a pop up dialog box
> after scrolling down through the file.
> "There appears to be an error in the file named below.  You should
> close it without saving, then check the "Load entire notebook into
> memory" checkbox in the Notebook Options dialog.  File name: /Users/
> adam/Desktop/downloads/lab1_exercises_1_-2.nb."
> On two of these labs, the file seemed to be badly damaged --- I
> couldn't read most of it.  On a third, I can see no visual or
> computational problem with the file.
> Do you have any thoughts about what might be causing these errors?
> Have you seen this before?  I can't find the "load entire notebook
> into memory" option; do you have any suggestions about where to find it?
> I'm using Mathematica 6.0.2, Mac OS X 10.4.11, 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2
> Duo.  (The files were also opened and worked on on Win XP,
> Mathematica 6.0.0, I think.  There could have been other machines
> involved.)
> Thanks,
> Adam
> -----
> Adam Weyhaupt
>        Department of Mathematics and Statistics
>        Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
> aweyhau at
> Science Building 1316   (618) 650-2220

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